The Meditation Chapel is located on the west side of the Pine Shores Community Center.

The window in the meditation chapel is leaded stained glass. It was designed by Kate White of White Stained Glass Studio and inspired by Psalm 19. “The heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.”

The movement of lines and color in the bottom of the window tell the start of creation with  separation of dark and lightness. All the colors here are greens, which symbolize the earth. As your eye moves up you see the separation of land and water. Here blue waves move both peacefully and restlessly. The red movement just above the blue represents humankind. Taking a closer look at the window you may notice double vertical lines running up the center. At the top of the window on the right side, a dove (Holy Spirit) glides inward. The movement in this area represents the heavens.

This lovely room was a gift from member and elder, Charles Montgomery, in loving memory of his wife Mona. Mr. Montgomery was instrumental in the Building Committee which oversaw the new Sanctuary / Education building and the refurbishing of the Community Center and its Chapels.